Open Source Electric Motor

Introducing FlexPV

Open source communities have undeniably revolutionized the digital world but now it's time to take things one step further. We're applying that same methodology to personal transportation, and by standardizing the basic hardware and software, we've made it easy for anyone to design, share, and sell their own personal, short-distance vehicle. We call it FlexPV, but you might be calling it your new way around town!

Three Universal Modules


The battery module uses Panasonic 18650 power batteries, it's safe, light and equipped with the strong ability of endurance; the module can also be paralleled with other battery modules, which would increase the driving distance significantly.


The motor module is made up of a hub motor (Power: 200W; Rated Voltage: 36V; Torque: 4Nm) and a package of universal brackets (to fix the wheel on the object that needs to be transformed).


Inbuilt gyroscope can be used to transform object into self-balanced car; The hand-held remote control can adjust movements of the wheel: speed-up, speed-down, back, forward and brake etc; The module can control up to two motors at the same time.

Mobile App

  • WiFi Connected Power Display

  • Control Modes Switch

  • PID Parameters Setting

  • Speed Control

  • Driving Distance Setting

  • Direction Control


Now is the time! Support FlexPV kit, win one of the three starter sets and start making your own personal vehicles! Let's revolutionize future transportation!

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Join the community

Join the community

FlexPV community is a platform for collaborative creativity, via which design ideas and making process of personal vehicles are shared by the users. They can sell their own products on this platform as well.

Please drop us your email and we will get in touch with you as soon as the community becomes active.